Social Networks At Work

The banning of employees from the use of social networks isn't as prevalent in other parts of the world as it is in the United States. While most employers in the U.S. consider social networking on the job to be detrimental to worker productivity, as well as a threat to security most international companies don't seem to agree.

A recent study by Reppler of 300 managers shows that the biggest proportion of timed wasted online is spent on Facebook (76%), Twitter (53%), and Linkedin (48%). In fact 54% of U.S. based companies limit there employees access to social media, 19% even go so far as to limit employees use of of the web according to a 2009 survey by Robert Half Technology. A 2010 survey of over 35,000 employees in 35 country conducted by Manpower inc. showed that only one in four international companies had policies restricting employees use of social media. In fact some companies didn't see social media as a threat to worker productivity at all.

Both arguments have there strengths and weaknesses including:


  • Social networking creates a "bush telegraph".
  • Allows employees to pounce on opportunity presented by emerging trends.
  • It allows for progressive communication and a dynamic culture.


  • Loss of control over the content your employees access.
  • Causes expense for extra network security.
  • Causes a loss in worker productivity.


  • When managed appropriately it can increase productivity.
  • Increases worker enjoyment.
  • Helps to motivate workers and boost self esteem by giving them control over certain aspects.
  • Increases your competitive edge in the recruiting process.


  • Threat of allowing a virus on the corporate network.
  • Possibility of damaging messages to go broad.
  • Possibility of causing moral disorder to the staff.

Ultimately the user must make a pro con list appropriate to there business. As Manpowers survey says only a limited number of companies report being harmed by social media.

WildfireApp & Facebook

WildfireApp is a very promising application and it is very prominent on Facebook. WildfireApp's customers who are pro or enterprise solutions subscribers have a lot of benefit. They get an account manager which helps in tool navigating and account strategist which helps in focusing the business goals and Facebook executions that they are trying to achieve. This sets them apart from other competitors.

Facebook Page manager suite is the main component of Wildfire App. It is a vigorous set of tools that allows you to bring your website to Facebook, where you could put promotions on Facebook. This allows you to market your website on Facebook with promotions and contests as well as interacting with Facebook and non-Facebook users.

WildfireApp Messenger serves good in Facebook where you can respond to comments from multiple Facebook pages. This messenger however is not as flexible and is only available to use in the Facebook world.

The key usage of Wildfire is through the Promotion Builder. Both Pro and Enterprise client will get unlimited promotions which is a very important tool to market their products for everyone; for a reasonable amount of money. This investment will pay off in promoting your website or product. As Wildfire App is already interwoven with Facebook, it is an essential part of social network marketing on Facebook. Overall, the Wildfire App is a robust management solution for any brand interested in expanding their marketing on Facebook.

Three Snippet Blocks

Squarespace has gone a step further by introducing three HTML-based Snippet blocks that allow you to use your Journal's config to add in just about any code you want; including a Facebook Like button, Tweet button, Google Buzz button, or just about anything else.

The simple drag-and-drop blocks make it easy to modify the page without technical programming skills. To activate them, use the variable they have provided while you're setting up the code. You can control where the buttons or blocks appear in your blog post quite easily, but it's a good idea to review the technical specs in the manual entry.

Wherever You Go

Have you ever wanted to show your friends all of your favorite places at once? Now you can, with our unique, customizable Squarespace widget. You can include your Fourquare, Facebook and Gowalla check-ins, and they will all be displayed by a map. You will literally be able to map out a whole night of fun activities and invite your friends to meet you at each stop! Best of all, you can easily customize the widget, choosing which check-ins and messages to display, and even customizing venue icons. Musicians will be able to use this widget to help their fans follow them on tour.