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Healthcare Marketing & Workplace Uniforms

With so many healthcare professionals vying for market share in a highly competitive industry, it is more important than ever to build a strong presence both in the community and online. This is especially true for owners and administrators of small to medium clinics. Our willingness to explore new concepts, trends, software programs and platforms defines our approach to marketing and exemplifies our appreciation for challenging, unique projects.

Online - Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, E-Commerce & Search Engine Optimization
Print - Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Magazine Ads & Promotional Products
Photography & Video - Staff Portraits, Promotional Videos & Virtual Tours
Uniforms - Medical Scrubs, Embroidery & Screen Printing


Jon Ewing, MBAExecutive Administrator, Woman’s Clinic

A few years ago I met Brian and he took a tattered and “patch work quilt” of a website that we had and personally owned it.  He has tailored and shaped it into an electronic resource to patients, providers, and prospective patients and guests that truly defines who we are without visiting our clinic physically.  Brian is passionate about what he does and aims to ensure that each client he serves is completely satisfied.  He serves on our marketing committee and turns dreams and ideas into tangible advertisement or communication.  He is a graphic designer by education and is extremely talented.  From a cost standpoint, I could not ask for a better partner.  He asks his clients what their financial expectations are regarding quality and cost and then delivers better than expected!  My only reservation in referring him to any other business is that it only dilutes the time my organization will get with him as he is “discovered” and grows. The Sky in the limit with Lime Group, LLC and we are honored they serve our organization.  Go look at our website, the proof is in the product!


David Scott, MBA, ATP, Owner & President, AlphaMed Inc

As a business owner that's always looking for new ways to promote and put our best foot forward, I can say that Brian with Lime Group, LLC was hands down one of the best investments we have made in our revamping our Websites and Facebook pages as well as maintaining them. Fresh ideas, quick responses, great results!


Francine Barden, Executive Administrator, Jackson Surgical Associates

I must say that I have been very impressed with his dedication and ability to listen to what our physicians desire and then get things done.  I have worked with many people through the years that make great promises but fail on delivery.  Brian has refreshing philosophy, he wants to work and he has an eye to make things look good.  I can assure anyone using Brian for their web or social marketing efforts you will not be disappointed.  He does great work.


Lime Foods

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Cottonwood Farm - Whole Chicken, Whole Turkeys & Pork.

Boundary Line Bison - NY Strips, Sausage, Baby Back Ribs, Short Ribs, Ribs, Ground & Ribeye.

Logan's Lake Honey - Quart & Pint Raw Honey

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