Over the Moon with Tags

If you are looking for details, you have lots of options available to make it unique.

You are in control of how you want your tags to look. Even though you might have large amounts of tags, you do not have to show all of them. You get to choose whether to list all of them, or to pick your favorites and display them.

You have even more options over how the tags are shown, such as choosing to list them in alphabetical order. Instead of sorting through them all individually, you can automatically sort by certain options. For example, you can choose to sort by frequency. You can set more frequently used tags to be darker and larger so that they are more noticeable than your lesser used tags. Show a count next to each tag which tells how many times the tag has been used. It is even possible to keep certain tags hidden if they do not meet the threshold of times used that you have chosen.

The best part is that this all works seamlessly with Style Mode. It is easy to make everything match your site perfectly. Adjust all of the colors, fonts, and other options you are used to being able to edit without having to deal with any complications.