Support Ticket Changes

You may have noticed a few changes if you have recently submitted a support ticket. To continue strong costumer support, features and platform improvements, their support system has moved to Assistly. Assistly provides them with some new tools to continue the high quality, 24-7 support with quicker and more thorough feedback.

With the new e-mail based ticket system you can follow up directly instead of seeing your tickets listed within your accounts. Tickets can still be submitted via the Support Tickets tab in your Website manager, but e-mail replies will be sent to the address on your account file.

The e-mail-based system brings several new benefits:

Responsiveness - All inbound support requests will be handled in real-time, even when system issues occur. The previous support system relied on Squarespace's infrastructure, which prevented them from responding in a timely manner when there was a hiccup.

Attachments - A great new way to pinpoint your issues more quickly is the ability to include screenshots and attachments with your messages.

Archiving and Search - Using the tools in your e-mail to file, organize and search for previous responses is made possible by ticket replies being sent to the e-mail address on file.

Collaboration - Support tickets now have a carbon copy feature, allowing you to copy more than one project administrator onto the ticket or have them be included in the same ticket thread.