Squarespace on the iPad

Squarespace already offers a great experience on the iPhone, but the greater space on the iPad lets them add even more features and elbow room. The experience is similar enough, though, that users of the iPhone app won't have any trouble adapting to Squarespace on the iPad.

The iPad app makes it easy and enjoyable to edit blog posts. As you would expect, they allow you to view comment counts, categories, blog excerpts, tags, the posting date and time, and the author's identity. A simple tap on any comment or blog post opens a section immediately below where you can find all your options. This is nice, because you can choose one of those actions while still being able to see the post that it will affect.

Users can easily switch between editing modes (basic HTML, Textile, Markdown, and text) just like they can in the iPhone version. However, with the iPad app, now you can add hyperlinks and images, highlight quotations, format the text with bolding and italics, and even define an excerpt in each mode.