WildfireApp & Facebook

WildfireApp is a very promising application and it is very prominent on Facebook. WildfireApp's customers who are pro or enterprise solutions subscribers have a lot of benefit. They get an account manager which helps in tool navigating and account strategist which helps in focusing the business goals and Facebook executions that they are trying to achieve. This sets them apart from other competitors.

Facebook Page manager suite is the main component of Wildfire App. It is a vigorous set of tools that allows you to bring your website to Facebook, where you could put promotions on Facebook. This allows you to market your website on Facebook with promotions and contests as well as interacting with Facebook and non-Facebook users.

WildfireApp Messenger serves good in Facebook where you can respond to comments from multiple Facebook pages. This messenger however is not as flexible and is only available to use in the Facebook world.

The key usage of Wildfire is through the Promotion Builder. Both Pro and Enterprise client will get unlimited promotions which is a very important tool to market their products for everyone; for a reasonable amount of money. This investment will pay off in promoting your website or product. As Wildfire App is already interwoven with Facebook, it is an essential part of social network marketing on Facebook. Overall, the Wildfire App is a robust management solution for any brand interested in expanding their marketing on Facebook.