Getting Traffic to Your Blog

How great would it be to be able to have a blog that practically writes itself and that get lots of folks interested and looking and coming back for more?  To most bloggers, this would be heaven.  And it is possible.  We have some simple advice that can help you with this so read through the following ten easy suggestions that we provide to assist you:

1. You are an expert in something.  Be sure to start your spot off with a list of tips on something you know a lot about.  When people get good advice they are likely to add your spot to their favorites to see what else you can tell them over time.

2. Blogernity and Blog Catalog are two different blog directory sites that you can sign on for and there are more that will add you as a link so people can find you.  Some ask to be linked to your site, but some will require nothing from you that way.

3. Squarespace makes it easy for you to put a search feature on your blog, which will really be appreciated by your readers.

4. Make sure you do not have cluttered sidebars. You don't want old ads or listings for blog after blog that look ugly and confuse readers.

5. Get some extra punch by pinging sites that relate to your latest post. You can be helped in this by Squarespace for larger site trackers and Ping Shot for smaller site trackers.

6. Make a calendar for yourself so you know what you would like to write about over time and nothing seems haphazard.  There's a site called Copy Blogger that can help you set one up.

7. Make sure to incorporate images, whether photos or clip art, to illustrate your text.  A site called Graphic n Graphic Design can give you the stock photos you might be seeking.

8. Emphasize what you would like your reader to do in terms of follow through.  You may think you have made your point but people easily lose their focus.

9. Whenever you send an email, make sure your blog address is included in the preset signature.  That way you'll be spreading the word without even having to do any extra work.  You'd be surprised how many people will take note.

10. Sign up with Technorati, a top blog search engine, so that your blog is tagged relating to the topics it covers.