V6 Template Development Kit

The Squarespace Template Development Kit (TDK) is about to enter V6 beta testing.  If you have signed on to be a beta tester, watch for your invitation to begin testing very soon.  Be patient.  Their internal team is currently exercising the new kit vigorously.  Following beta testing, the formal release should take place later this year.  Below you will find a description of some of the new features you can expect.  The template engine has been completely redesigned to be much more user friendly.

The Template Development Kit V6 key features include:

  • Instant availability of any font from the Google font directory
  • Complete control over the HTML produced
  • Use of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for open interchange of your data set, including all URLs, plus use of JSON Template for formatting the V6 templates, making them readable and easily edited even by non-experts
  • Use of LESS CSS for processing, taking advantage of its dynamic capabilities for functions, variables, operations, and mixins; this greatly simplifies inheritance and expands the complexity allowed among properties
  • Ability to instantly push updated templates from a master site to all client sites with a click