Slideshows Galore

Have you ever thought about putting your pictures in different places around your site, other than just on your gallery pages? Squarespace has developed a new slideshows concept where you are able to take the images from your gallery pages and showcase them in other places around your site. To do this, you need to open up the WYSIWYG editor. On the right, click on the new slideshow icon. There you go. You could now click to add slideshows anywhere you want it to be. On your blog posts, HTML pages, sidebars, anywhere you like.

That is just one of the ways you could be creative with the slideshows. You could take your creativity to the next level by changing the animation style, controls and delay, speed, the size and aspect ratio plus also the presentation of image names and descriptions. As for the content width, it will be automatically adjusted to fit. Those are the examples of the ways to create your own slideshow.