Social Widgets

Squarespace Social widgets have an important niche to fill in the arena of data presentation. For example, when you attempt to link a third party service to your website, such as Flickr or Twitter, the load time of your site will be dramatically slowed down, as content is gathered from different services around the web. Squarespace Social Widgets provides the service for you- by eliminating the middleman and caching all of your data onto the familiar Squarespace control panel. They plan to expand the services offered to include Digg and Delicious.

Squarespace has some excellent visuals preexisting in the page, but never (before now) presets for individual site components. Social Widgets now has a style selector, allowing you to completely customize the way your social data is displayed. With Social Widgets, it is possible to play with the font, colors, and style of all data, allowing you to change the display to fit your exact specifications. Before Squarespace, there has never been a social widget that has enabled this complete customizable capacity.