Squarespace for Android

Need to manage Squarespace sites on-the-go? With a customizable interface and tons of functionality, Squarespace for Android is the best choice. Here are the reasons why:

Posting - Need a faster way to create your blog posts? With this app, you are able to quickly create your blog posts, adding photos, retrieving from your library and adding them to your site.  Rest assured that all your current tags and categories will be there.

Content Management - This allows you to edit, delete or preview your posts easily, all right from the app.

Comment Management - This app allows you to review, replying and marking the comments as spam with ease. You do have the option to receive push notifications for new comments as well as those that are waiting for moderation, all in this app.

Multiple Account management - Using the "Accounts" setting on your app, you are able to multi-task, managing the contents on multiple Squarespace sites all in one place. You could switch back and forth and juggle between the sites using the settings provided in the app.

Real time Statistics - Statistics such as number of page views, unique visits, popular search terms, subscribers, can all be viewed from the application's statistics tab.

Live Site Preview - You are able to preview your site live, just as what your visitors will view your site.