Better Links, Better Indexing, Facebook Brand Page Push, and more

Every week, hundreds of small changes are pushed live to Squarespace 6 to improve the platform’s performance and functionality. We wanted to highlight a few recent changes that are especially significant:

  1. Facebook Brand Page Push – One commonly requested feature – the ability to use Squarespace to push updates to a Facebook brand page – has now been integrated with the platform. We’ve even added a toggle so you can either post as yourself to the brand page, or post as the brand itself.
  2. Optimized for Google Image Search – We’ve made two important changes that will ensure images in your blog posts are fully searchable via Google Images. We’ve researched how large news sites (The New York Times, Yahoo News, etc.) index images, and these changes ensure your site is indexed properly, while still retaining the ultra-fast CDN image serving you get with Squarespace 6.
    1. Images in Sitemaps – We’ve made sure that images embedded in posts are referenced from your global sitemap. Sitemaps are the best way to ensure these images can be crawled, and we’ve seen this method used successfully on a number of major media sites.
    2. Better URL Control – You can now control the filename on the end of the CDN URL – which is what Google Images displays within the search results. You can change the filename from the image block settings.
  3. Better File Management – We’ve released an update to the insert file dialog, adding two requested features (and bringing Squarespace 6’s file management functionality beyond what was available in Squarespace 5).
    1. File URL Control– Files uploaded via this dialog have clean URLs, and you can easily rename filenames from the upload area.
    2. Search Past Files – You can view previously uploaded files and insert these into posts or pages with a single click.
  4. Hide Owner Hits in Site Traffic – We’ve updated the website manager to set a cookie on all authenticated members of your website who have access to your site’s backend. This cookie excludes your hits from our site traffic system, so you can get a far more accurate view of the traffic you’re receiving.
  5. Imported Contributors in User Manager – When importing complex sites with multiple authors, we’ve made changes to ensure that unmapped authors can be mapped over to Squarespace authors via the user interface, or can be merged with existing authors.
  6. Horizontal Rule Block – As simple and thrilling as it sounds.

We thank you for your continued support.

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