A Preview of Catalog, Our New iPad Shopping App

Just in time for the holiday season, we're excited to announce the first release of Catalog by Shopify. This beautiful new Apple iPad shopping app lets customers explore and purchase over 5 million products sold on Shopify stores around the world. 

Mobile commerce is growing at a remarkable speed, and many potential customers are browsing and buying using an iPad. In fact, we estimate that by next Christmas, 43% of all purchases will be made on a tablet or smartphone. Catalog is designed to take advantage of the mcommerce trend and to open Shopify stores up to a new source of potential customers.

Catalog automatically includes all products currently being sold by over 35,000 active Shopify stores. As Shopify merchants you don't need to do anything to have your products listed, everything is completely automatic.

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Source: feedproxy.google.com
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