Current Focus

We’ve been moving faster than ever since the launch of Squarespace 6 and our developer platform over the past few months. We’re thrilled with the response to Squarespace 6 so far, and the team has been working hard to make the experience even better. With this in mind, we wanted to share our current areas of focus so you know what’s on our radar in the near term:

  1. More Business Templates – Businesses of all sizes rely on Squarespace for their online presence; they remain an integral part of our user base, and we are dedicated to providing solutions that help businesses promote and grow their brand. Two new ultra-flexible templates, Dovetail and Five, were released last week – and we have many more in the pipeline.  

    Flexible layout controls, such as multiple sidebars (already present in some templates) or the ability to vary sidebars on a per-page basis, are also on the horizon.

  2. Mobile Applications – Simply put, we are not satisfied with the current state of our iOS applications, and these are being redesigned from the ground up. Supporting full LayoutEngine-based editing in a mobile environment has proven to be a bit more difficult than we initially anticipated. We look forward to getting these up to speed with the main interface as soon as possible, via near-term patches to fix the most egregious issues as well as a more complete rewrite.

  3. General Stability / Importing Bugs – Though Squarespace 6 was in testing with live sites for nine months, we definitely found more hiccups than we anticipated in the weeks following launch. Most bugs related to Squarespace 5 importing, Wordpress importing, image processing, and social pushing have now been resolved. We continue to make general platform stability a major priority for our team.

  4. Template Switching – One of the main design goals of Squarespace 6 is to provide an extremely diverse base of templates as we expand to accommodate a variety of use cases and verticals. This has introduced some very complex situations when it comes to switching templates on the platform, as sites can be quite diverse and not all sites support all content in the same way. We have a number of improvements in the works that will make template switching a lot easier and clearer.

We’re also expanding the scope of the Squarespace Answers site (which launched alongside our developer platform) to include general questions from the general community in addition to developer questions. Please read the FAQ, sign up, and contribute. There is some great content already available, with more on the way.

Thank you for your support as we we bring Squarespace 6 into the mainstream. We have a lot of minds focused on making Squarespace great, and we’re really thankful for your feedback.  

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