Bloggers Should Avoid

There are plenty of resources out there that tell you what to do for improving your blog, but this one is taking a slightly different angle. If you understand what all the mediocre blogs are doing, you will better understand how to make your own blog stand out from the pack.

1. Use of sound and music

No one likes having their ears assaulted by unwanted music and noise when they surf to a new website, especially office workers in a normally quiet environment or people who like to listen to their own music while reading blogs.

2. Lack of contact and blog information

Why would anyone want to hear what you have to say if they know nothing about you or why you're blogging about your topic of choice?

3. Sticking with the default setup

Many first time bloggers just play with the deck they are dealt and don't change a thing with the way their blog looks after signing up for one. Nothing is more boring than seeing a blog that looks like all the other blogs. Take the time to create a colorful, eye-catching blog. At the very least, choose a template that fits in with your blog topic or theme.

4. Keeping the blog host domain

There's nothing wrong with having a blogspot or wordpress domain for your blog, but if you look at the professional blogs out there, you will notice they have their own domain. It's easier for readers to remember and separates the pros from the beginners.

5. Letting the archives be the only form of organization

If you want readers to find your best blog entries, don't make them search through the arbitrary dates of the archive. Create specific links and categories that point right to the important posts.

6. Not sticking to a schedule

Nothing is more frustrating to a reader than finding a blog they like that seems to suddenly stop updating. They will move on to more satisfying blogs. Even if you don't post often, keeping a consistent schedule will keep your readers happy.

7. Ad spamming

There's nothing wrong with earning a little money by posting ads on your blog, but a blog that's flooded with ads will let your reader know that you are more interested in profit than an enjoyable reading experience. Sparing and carefully placed ads are much more profitable.

8. Opening links in new windows

Most internet users don't like having their screen cluttered with new windows and tabs, so don't make every link pop open a new window. Assume your readers are smart enough to know how to return to your site.

9. Blogging blindly

If you have no idea how new readers are finding your site, how are you going to know how to appeal to even more readers? Use built in stat tools and a little research to see how effective search engine use can pull in an interested audience.

10. Rambling

Most readers visit blogs for only minutes at a time. A long, unbroken dissertation of a blog post will scare most readers away. If you have a lot to say on a topic, break it up into several smaller blog posts. Your readers will appreciate it.