Create Blog Community

Squarespace is thriving much sooner than other blogs, how do you create a blog community without this type of network?

Many blogs have frequent postings and enjoy lots of hits. Though regular, high-quality posts are important, remember that most blogs don't start out this way. If you have great content, people will read it, like it, and come back for more. Rich content and commentary have to come first; turning a blog into a major portal comes next, little by little.

Additionally, if someone is making frequent comments across multiple posts, consider making contact with them. One engaged user can be a catalyst to generate enthusiasm from other users. A blog with an active commenter will generate more comments because it assure other users that it's "okay" to reply.

Create a comment-friendly environment; let people know that you want their feedback. If you come off as "preachy" you probably won't get many replies. Show readers you value their insight by asking them questions.

Once you've generated a loyal following, give them loyalty in return. Don't reject them at the first signs of disagreement. Getting through hard times with your audience may result in more dedication to your blog in the long run.

If you value your readers and provide them with unique content, you are more likely to retain and engage them.

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