Stay Safe!

"It’s not new news: Social media marketing has transitioned from being a whimsical hobby to a no-brainer, absolute must for businesses of all sizes that want to remain relevant.

Whether you’re microblogging, posting, liking or updating information about your products and services, there’s one element that must be addressed: safety and security.

If you think this is just an old song repackaged as a Web 2.0 mash-up, think again. When Webroot surveyed 803 IT professionals who worked at small and medium-sized companies, 80 percent replied that Facebook and related Web 2.0-based malware posed serious problems for their companies. Of those same respondents, 73 percent thought web-based threats were more difficult to manage than their email cousins.

Read further to find out how to take control of your social media space by educating yourself on privacy settings, data protection, hacking and human error (i.e., your lovable employees).

Privacy Settings

A recent survey found that 67 percent of respondents were concerned about social networking privacy issues, yet only 31 percent of those asked updated their privacy settings within the last 90 days. This lack of attention to detail can make your fan page an open target for social engineering, data and identity theft and more."


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Shelby Howard