12 Tip Safety Guide!

"Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, Digg, MeetUp, blogs, etc.,  -- the number of social networking sites and tools is exploding. Social networking is the killer app of the Internet for everyone – not just the texting teenybopper crowd. Such sites have breached the walls of the corporate firewall, are a part of our most important smartphone apps, are a vital tool for any serious job search, and are the new way to connect with current and new friends. Social networking is about self forming groups, a dynamic author Clay Shirky examines in his book Here Comes Everybody: The Power Of Organizing With Organizations.  But  using social networking tools and sites seems to be in direct conflict with another important principle of using the Internet – protect your identity from identity theft.   Participating  in online social networking sites  leaves a trail of personal information that can make stealing your identity a whole lot easier.  What’s a current-day Internet user to do? Should we go blithely along like a fish protected in a larger school of potential identity theft victims, or maybe we should forego social networking altogether? No and no. Instead each of us should take responsibility for protecting ourselves.  On the following pages, I bring you my top 12 tips to help you  practice safe social networking.

TIP 1 –  Beware of TMI:  the five things you should never share"


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Shelby Howard